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How to Butcher a Deer | The Bearded Butchers

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Published: 18 November 2021

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It's 2021, it's time for an update! Our last how to butcher a deer video ( is over 3 million views, but the video is not the Bearded Butcher quality you've all come to expect. We have an Ohio whitetail in the dry ager, so it's time for a refresh. Grab your deer and your knife and follow along! This is the initial breakdown that anybody can do anywhere. This will take you from a carcass to sub-primals.

19:14 - After you butcher your deer (same for elk), here's pretty much all of the deer trimmings laid out on the table at the same time with explanations of every cut.

10:54 - Instructions how to remove the hindquarter gland between the top, bottom, and eye of rounds.

12:09 - There's another gland here in the front shoulder to remove as well.

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2:00 - First thing to do is cut off the venison flank. At the same time, reach inside the carcass and carve out the venison tenderloins right along the vertebrae. These can be called inner loins, tenderloins, or fish tenders.
3:28 - After the inner loins are out, find the ball joint by the H bone, cut through the knuckle, and peel off the entire venison hindquarter with the venison sirloin attached. Then, slide off the venison flank meat and send it to the trim pile.
4:45 - Venison front shoulder is next. It should be easy to remove. The venison back strap is next. Slowly work along the ribs with the tip of your knife.
9:31 - Back to the venison hindquarters. Get the femur out first, then the venison sirloin and venison round tip (or the sirloin tip).
11:57 - Front shoulders. There's a venison top blade (flat iron) steak here. You can use the entire shoulder as a bone in venison blade roast as well.
15:06 - How to trim the venison backstraps. You'll definitely get a better flavor if you remove all of the silver skin. You'll end up fileting them like a fish.
17:10 - How to trim the venison inner loins.

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