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Published: 22 Februari 2021

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‘DUNNO’ performed by Stogie T feat. Nasty C (Official Music Video)

This video takes the things we love and turns them against the
things we hate. Drawing inspiration from our favourite scary movies we tell a
story of a hater getting stalked and haunted by the very people he hates on Stogie T
and Nasty C.
You ‘Dunno’ what impact your actions and words might have, so be careful what you say and do or Stogie T and Nasty C might have to come and visit you. 

Performed by: Stogie T and Nasty C
Composer/s: Boitumelo Molekane & David Junior Ngcobo
Directors: Amr Singh & Lazarusman
Executive Producer: Craig February
DOP: Trevor Calverly
Production Designer: Sam Dell
Wardrobe: Chloe Andrea
Editor: Nick Goodwin
Colourist: Nic Apostoli
Online Artist: Frank Liebenberg

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In a ghost, Sitting low
I seen it all, I done most
Money come, friends come, money go
Real love, fake love I get ‘em both
You dunno

Nasty C verse

I don’t mean to be on my own dick but I was jus chilling & listening to me
Riding down da highway middle finger up I felt Mr bean
Lately I been talking to the reaper & tryna convince him to let me be
But somebody gotta have a strap
Then we all strap to our seats

Coz alotta niggas die in these streets
Somebody Vying this week
I don’t wanna be seen on tha side of the road & my body wrapped up like sweets

Remember those days when it was J & J Lavie
My city moved like 1 team
But Now niggas give us looks & steam

Chop chop, get to da cream
Heard alotta people don’t like me I’m worried, OMG
Bunch of fuckn goofballs
Tell my goons go get him, I hit em with the thru ball, stru god


In a ghost, Sitting low
I seen it all, I done most
Money come, friends come, money go
Real love, fake love I get ‘em both
You dunno

Stogie T verse

In a Range, in a club,
Shooting my shot, In a golf,
She getting T off
Hitting them birdies
balls deep in the hole
Bend her back, get top
Left brats on her jaw
Get a bag, spend it all
Get it back when we tour
Get the stack
And stash that cash offshore
And I got mans on call
With a bad temper
That don’t like your sought
Internet thugs low key board
Hashtag war you Microsoft
Them guys are ops
They smile plot
Like Hyman Roth
If you gone bite the crotch
At least towel off
I better feel no vibe next time you wanna talk
Straight to the money all that yang get the sayonara
Bunch of fucking goofballs
Tell my goon go get ‘em
Like an alley hoop dog

Executive Producers
Boitumelo 'Stogie T' Molekane and Bradley Williams


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