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How Blessed Am I! Deer 🦌 Totem!

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Published: 03 Juni 2021

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How Blessed Am I?! Deer 🦌 Totem!
~ The Deer Totem ~

He presented himself to Baya & I today, up close and personal!
Enjoy HIS Message!

Deer Symbols:
Gentleness, Kindness, Compassion, Innocence, Motherhood, Grace, Femininity, Swiftness, Peace, Subtlety, Adventure, Psychic Power, Awareness, Renewal, Acceptance, Connection to Spirit

Stag Spirit Symbols:
- Masculinity, Regeneration, Guidance, Gentleness, Healing, Connection to the Earth and the Forest, Alertness, Psychic Power, Pride, Independence, Purification, Strength, Nobility

Deer totem’s and their antlers bring the message and meaning of higher connection and awareness. Antlers act as spiritual antennae, and if an antlered deer or stag has entered your life pay attention to inner thoughts and perceptions. Take a moment to stop and listen to your inner voice it is likely that an important message is going to come to you.

The deer spirit and totem guides us to get more in tune with our feminine energies. If you’ve seen a deer person consider the medicine of gentleness, grace, and compassion. When deer spirits show up in your life it is time embrace the kindness.
Ask yourself important questions. Are you trying to force things? Are others? Are you being too critical and uncaring of yourself? When deer appear they are symbols of an opportunity to express gentle love that will open new doors to adventure for you. Use methods other than force to achieve goals, be led to adventure or spiritual knowledge. Accept others for who they are and don’t try to change them.
If you’ve seen a Stag totem this power animal will guide you to strength and a renewal of your energies.

Is The Spirit Animal Deer Working With You?
Your landing on this page to read about the Deer Totem might be one strong indication that gentleness is medicine you need in your life. You see, when a totem begins to work with us we are suddenly drawn to that animal. We may start to realize that the word or images of that animal keep coming across our paths. We suddenly have a real interest in them or notice they just keep popping into our consciousness. Perhaps where you live you don't see many deer but all of a sudden you see one and a feeling of peace enters your being.
Deer in Dreams:
In Dreamtime, deer signifies a gentle, natural beauty and grace. The gifts of deer bring us quick and powerful bursts of high energy. The key is to see life as play.

Cultural Symbolism:
To Native Americans, deer and all forked-horned animals symbolized dangerous psychic and spiritual powers that had a double nature. By observing this creature, humans learned to hide when being hunted.
In ancient Greece, the stag was a symbol of the anchorite or celibate dedicated to God. For the Druids, a deer or hart was also capable of prophecy. Visions often occurred in the presence of deer.
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