Download DangerFlex - Kangaroo ft. Akhona (Original) Mp3

DangerFlex - Kangaroo ft. Akhona (Original)

Duration: 04:22

Size: 6 MB

Published: 05 Juli 2021

Listen: 28,809

Likes: 301

DangerFlex - Kangaroo ft. Akhona (Original)
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DangerFlex - Kangaroo ft. Akhona is an original bolo house song published by the studios of Roots of Africa Records. Listen and enjoy this amazing single exclusively from the archives of Bolobedu house music. Music galore, Free Music Streaming on our YouTube channel.

Artist: DangerFlex
Features: ft. Akhona
Song Name: Kangaroo 
Year or Release Date: 2021
Genre: Bolo House Music
Record Label or Studio: Roots of Africa Records 

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