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The Untold Truth Of Dirty Jobs Host Mike Rowe

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Published: 22 Maret 2017

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He hosted Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel for eight seasons, and while Mike Rowe was famous for putting America’s unsung heroes on display, he hasn’t always worked dirty jobs himself. In fact, Rowe got his start in one of the least likely jobs imaginable, and his life since finding fame has continued to be full of surprises.

From the Wal-Mart voiceover he did that led to death threats to the time that he went from Dirty Jobs to dirty jokes (on Sesame Street of all places), let’s take a look at the untold truth of Dirty Jobs host Mike Rowe.

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Operatic Roots | 0:00
180 minutes | 1:59
Eagle scout allegiance | 2:48
Small digs | 3:27
Death threats | 4:20
Birthday suit surprise | 5:05
Dirty jokes | 6:36

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