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Rest in 8 hours of Christ's commands - compelling

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Published: 13 November 2020

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Rest in 8 hours of Christ's own words. Abide in Jesus. Sleep in Jesus Christ's presence and word. Allow Jesus to permeate all of you.
To the original video in this channel: "These things I command you" Jesus' own words from the 4 Gospels, people reported becoming very relaxed, sleeping better, and even dark thoughts or demonic influences being reduced or even negated throughout the night. So I made this version for those who wish to sleep with Jesus' words all through the night, by way of comfort, protection or even salvation. Whether you are tormented by anxiety, PTSD, or just trouble sleeping - this video can help. Or maybe, like me, you just enjoy sleeping with Jesus' comfort through the night.

As I said, the video is mainly the previous video on this channel, which you can find here:; and I sensitively looped it 5 times with some linking edits and some sensitive additions for those who wake up in the night. There is also bonus material of a few other things Jesus said that are powerful additions to the original video.

I hope this video brings you into a deeper, intimate, more meaningful connection with God, while also helping you rest in God "rest in Me and I will rest in you".

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