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🦌🦌Deer/Stag/Elk spirit guide What does it mean when you see one🦌🦌

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Published: 08 Juli 2021

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In this Video We will take a quick look at deer elk and stag spirit guides and start to examine what they mean if they are your totem animal and what they can be telling you to pay attention to if you see them in your day to day... so here is deer elk stag part 1

My dream & vision for this channel is to help the collective including all of the zodiac signs Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, also the Divine Masculine, and Divine Feminine on the path of a twinflame union. To help the zodiac signs to find self love thru tarot reading thru tarot cards, oracle cards, angel cards, astrology, spirit animals all forms of divination available to my knowledge while including poetry & music to predict what is to come and to help everyone in the audience internalize their emotions to find their true path, all of this is done with the help of my Spirit Guides, to help the collective avoid lies, manipulation, cheating, & break generational curses that have been passed down like childhood trauma. i will also incorporate law of attraction & self love challenges to help the collective reach their dreams & draw their success to them by their train of thought, guided by their emotions, as like attracts like! I want nothing but pure happiness, success, love & abundance for not just the twinflames in a quantumly entangled partnership unawakened, awakened in union, in separation but all relatives, as when we heal ourselves we bring healing, forgiveness, & love back into our family which will create peace & harmony & love in our environment which in return will raise our vibe to be a vibrational match to a soulmate, twinflame, divinely guided counterpart, if that is what your goal is. I try to help my soul tribe mostly with the tarot deck including Hermit, magician, empress, emperor, fool, hierophant, high priestess, world, sun, moon, star, chariot, judgement, Tower, devil, Temperance, hanged man, Justice, Wheel of fortune, Strength, lovers, along with the cups, the wands, the swords, and the pentacle cards! I believe we all have a light side and a dark side, a yin/yang. By looking at your natal chart you will be able to watch reading based off of your sun, moon rising, venus, north node & midheaven placements. As those will help predict with intuition for careers, love life, partnerships, work friends, soul tribe, to help you on your path, guided by the Spirit of Truth, Spirit Animal guides, Angels, & past loved ones. We will talk w/ Spirit guides for guidance for love readings to help find our vibrational match, or our true love so to speak, while standing in Empress energy which will help bring in good karma, security, feeling of safety with the higher knowledge as above so below, where love exists in the 5d it also exists in the 3d, even if your divine connection is no contact. most think all karmics are evil, i however believe that the karmic masculine and karmic feminine is highly important in our walk along our path to help teach us how to break codependency, a huge ego, they are needed to help us learn. Our twinflame will come into your life and create chaos & shake up our world, but the difference in a karmic and a twinflame connection is the twin disconnects so other can go thru the dark Night of the soul or an ego transformation, that will allow us to heal past trauma, toxic traits that we have, by facing our shadow side, learning how to set boundaries. Your true twin will never want to physically harm you in the 3d on purpose even if they do so by accident or by making the wrong choices. if anyone tries to physically abuse you please seek help immediately! That is a manipulator, i do not ever wish for anyone to mistake an abuser & a twin. NOT EVERYONE HAS A TWINFLAME!! Not all end up in union, most twins are lightworkers & healers of those around them, made possible by being able to heal from all the heartbreak of a bad past to be able to guide the collective to healing showing them it is possible, to be happy after trauma & pain, & we can if we all work towards our true path achieve our 10 of Cups.
To all of those wishing to learn tarot i will be helping the learn meanings of cards in time thru this channel & supply tarot card previews

I am grateful to everyone who comes to my channel, likes, subscribes to my videos, your support is so appreciated! So Thank you! I hope this helps you on your path!

** Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes, they are not meant to diagnose anyone with or without a illness, that can only be done by licensed doctors. However if anyone has major thought of suicide or extreme pain, seek medical help!

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