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Ep. 03 | Hunting Illinois: Deer Processing w/ Chuck Stites

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Published: 17 November 2021

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This Podcast will provide educational discussions with experts, review of animal ecology and hunting strategies.

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Episode 3 Content:
00:00 Introduction
00:47 Interview with Chuck Stites – Deer Processor
02:05 How to get into being a deer processor
04:10 How to find a reputable deer processor
07:17 Best way to remove “silver skin” from meat
13:16 Tips for field dressing a deer
14:47 Is it ok to washout your deer carcass with water?
17:36 Being prepared for the harvest
20:33 What are the conditions for rotting meat and how to prevent it?
24:40 What are common cuts of meat that hunters ask for?
31:56 Biggest tip, be prepared for the harvest. Know how processors prefer to take in meat.
34:04 How to package your meat with food grade packaging.
39:05 Game meat tastes varies
41:39 Tips for self-processing deer
45:50 The Hunting Report
01:05:41 Critter Trivia