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Tracking Beyond the Blood Trail - how to find wounded deer, elk and other Game

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Published: 24 Oktober 2018

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The ability to trail a wounded deer or other game often spells the difference between a full freezer and a dissapointing tail of a lost animal. But today many hunters look only for blood or other obvious sign which may or may not be present. Blood trailing though, is only one piece of the tracking puzzle. There are many other spoor or signs that animals leave that can help lead you to your buck or bull.

In this Field Tip episode, Clay Hayes takes tracking beyond the blood trail to show you how to find wounded deer, elk, and other game animals. If you're a bow hunter, you'll definitely want to watch this one.

This was filmed in Idaho but the techniques are applicable in any region or habitat from southeastern forests to alpine tundra. But depending on the tracking conditions, substrate, etc. animal tracks and sign may be difficult to see. Even so, it's always there. One track leads to the next and the next, and persistence is often key.

This year I had to put all my tracking knowledge to the test to find a bull elk I'd shot with my selfbow. A quartering shot led to a marginal hit and a good blood trail to start. But it wasn't long before the blood dried up and I had to track based solely on the signs described in this video. Elk and deer hunting require many skills: shooting, scouting, camping, etc. but tracking is just as important.

If you want to see more tracking, trailing, and blood trailing tips, just leave a comment and I'll see what I can do.