Download Make Love in Arabic: habibi, hayati, and 15 other ways to address your lover Mp3

Make Love in Arabic: habibi, hayati, and 15 other ways to address your lover

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Published: 03 April 2020

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Dating an Arabic speaker and want to impress them? Should you be offended if your lover calls you "shebdi"?
Here are timestamps to help you navigate this lesson:
01:36 حبي
02:07 حياتي
02:35 عمري
03:09 شبدي/ يا بعد شبدي
05:01 طوايفي
05:32 قلبي
05:55 يا لبى قلبك
06:27 يا زينك
06:31 يا روحي
06:42 عشقي
07:18 حلوتي
07:33 عيوني
07:50 تاج رأسي
08:02 يالغالي/غاليتي
08:25 قمر
09:08 فديتك

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1. Where do you live?
LA, but I was based in Dubai for 7 years
2. Are you Arab?
No, I have no Arab roots. I learned Arabic "from scratch" in Dubai.
3. What dialect do you speak?
Mostly Saudi/Hijazi...but sometimes more of a "white Arabic"--meaning, a more universally understood version of Arabic with elements from multiple dialects.
4.Where are you from?
I grew up in Virginia.
5. Religion?
Spiritual not religious.

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