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Gumz Feat. Queen's College Boys' High School - Mtana Ka Ma (MIDH 017)

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Published: 24 Juni 2020

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Celebrating two years of operation, Madorasindahouse Records releases its 17th release, “Madorasindahouse Selects #2”. Ten handpicked tracks from new and old friends that represent the present and future of the afro - inspired electronic music, are all included in this compilation that will shape this season’s sound.
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Special thanks to Queen's College Boys' High School.
Likhaya - What lead us to sing that specific gwijo on that day is because the meaning of it is “I miss my parents” and Sange and I being boarders thought the gwijo would be a good fit since we hadn’t seen our parents in a long time and also the other thing that led us to sing that gwijo is because we had just changed it a little bit to the original one and so we wanted everyone to hear what we came up with and they ended up liking it.
Sange - It started as a normal school day in which we as the Grade 10s of 2019 were going to have our first Phys Ed session of the year in our last school lesson of the day. When the time came to have our Phys Ed class most of the boys had not brought their clothes to change into, so we all went to the Rec grandstands.
When we got to the stands we all started singing our gwijo, which we had been wanting to sing and all the Grade 10 conglomerated to make a heartfelt gwijo. What made Likhaya and I sing that gwijo specifically is the fact that we had missed our parents hence the gwijo says “Ndikhumbula abazali bam” which means “I miss my parents” and also the fact that us as Queenians are one family hence the gwijo says “Thina siyazalana” which means we are all family.