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Sjava - Umcebo (Lyric Video)

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Published: 16 Desember 2020

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To You, who might never hear me..

Father, when they pray to you, they ask for power and wealth
I pray for love and wisdom

Wealth and riches in the hands of a man who has no love
Breeds jealousy and contempt
Leading to death

Power in the hands of a man who lacks wisdom is a dangerous thing
He will surely misuse this power
Leading to death

Father I pray for blessings that are eternal, not those of this world
Because the riches of this world I cannot take with me, they will eventually remain in this world
Indeed life doesn’t end at death, it does not end in the grave
Remember, you are still going to be an ancestor for your family

Father grant me acceptance in my heart
So that I may face and embrace any challenges in my parth.

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