Download MAJOR LEAGUE DJz Amapiano set in The Lab LDN Mp3

MAJOR LEAGUE DJz  Amapiano set in The Lab LDN

Duration: 14:12

Size: 19.5 MB

Published: 28 Agustus 2021

Listen: 396,236

Likes: 8,385

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Possibly the hottest DJ duo on the planet right now bring the sound of Africa to the Lab LDN for a legendary session. Mixmag & Coors present The Lab LDN. Connect with Major League DJz

Founding New Age Kwaito, celebrating Africa’s rich musical history and driving the country’s diverse musical scene to the forefront of mainstream music.

Mixing together hip hop, Amapiano, and more, the duo are set to ignite the lab this Friday, with their charismatic and eclectic musical taste and distinct DJing style, ahead of their sold out London show on August 30 and a European and US tour.

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