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Noah Reid - Got You (Official Video)

Duration: 03:02

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Published: 27 Mei 2020

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New Music Video for the new single "Got You" by Noah Reid

Directed by Amy Segal
Filmed by Chris Sherry
Edited by Joe Amio

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Music and Lyrics by Noah Reid
Production by Matthew Barber


well if i fall behind
don’t wait up for me i’ll catch up to you
darlin i’ll be fine
i won’t be far behind

and if you’re fallin down
i’ll remember that it’s not always up to me
you don’t need someone
to protect you

but you got me
and i get you
and you get me
and i got you

and don’t if feel sometimes
like the whole damn world is conspiring against you
and ain’t justice blind
and ain’t life unkind

but don’t you ever doubt
don’t you ever question my love for you
i will help you out
if you let me

cuz i got you
do you get me?
oh i’m gonna get you
like you got me