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Is ZCC MORIA Easter Pilgrimage Idol worship

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Published: 17 Maret 2020

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Today we will establish the position of the Bishop of ZCC based on our understand and the scriptures and what we presented with this will continue in part 2 on video 2 on link below. zcc church otherwise known as zion Christian church in moria, limpopo,
ZCC episode will focus on Z.C.C's church members comments in response to this videos ZCC or as its known as Zion Christian Church claims to be Christian that would be contrary to following the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. to see my previous episodes on zcc check this link

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1. is ZCC doctrine biblical
2. ungodly worship at ZCC
3. is ZCC pilgrimage idol worship
4. WHY ZCC members go to moria

am i not saying bishop Lekganyane is a false prophet or that bishop Lekganyane is a false pastor, or that B.E Lekganyane is a fake prophet or a fake prophet that is for you to decide.

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