Download Patrick Childress - A FINAL FAREWELL - (Sailing Brick House #68) Mp3

Patrick Childress - A FINAL FAREWELL - (Sailing Brick House #68)

Duration: 46:10

Size: 63.4 MB

Published: 20 Agustus 2020

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Rebecca Childress on Sailing on SV Brick House presents this Final goodbye to her husband, captain and best friend, Patrick Childress. Patrick and Rebecca had been sailing around the world, and had sailed to Cape Town South Africa where both of them had contracted the virus. Rebecca recovered, but Patrick succumbed to the disease in early June 2020 in his "final storm". (see previous video) What REALLY happened to Patrick Childress Sailing on SV Brick House!?!? (#66)

Patrick Childress had previously sailed around the world on a Catalina 27 called Juggernaut in the early 1980s. But his passion for sailing formed many years before that even, and his family tells of his long love affair with boats in this sailing video.

Family and Friends of Patrick Childress share some memories, photos, and video footage of Patrick Childress on SV Brick House and before on Juggernaut, his Catalina 27

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